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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Always Talk & See Progress

By Victor Odiong

Wow!!! I can't believe we are in the month of May already. Here is a piece of advice as we get into the new month, ALWAYS TALK AND SEE PROGRESS. It matters how you see. If you light a room with a red bulb, everything in the room will tend to appear red. Now, change the bulb to a green one and the same stuff that appeared red a few seconds ago suddenly appears green. My question is, what kind of light are you using to view your life? Do you see yourself as a victim or a Victor?  Victims whine and complain all the time. They are always telling everyone what they are going through. No matter how life blesses them, they always find something to complain about and they are always so eager to tell the world about it.

A Victor, on the other hand may be going through the same experience, but he never concentrates on the process. Rather, he is excited about his outcome, his end. You see, whatever you may think you are going through, it is just a process. It isn't the end. Joseph was sold by his brothers. Unknown to him, it was the process to the throne. It wasn't a thrilling experience, the process never is. When Jesus hung on the cross, that was the process not the end. The victory was not on the cross but at the resurrection. You never heard Joseph or Jesus complaining about how badly they had been mistreated by people they trusted. Winners never do. Winners understand that the process is part of the journey. 
So, quit complaining about the process. Be excited about the end. The Bible says that Jesus, because of the joy that was set before him endured the cross (Hebrews 12:2). People who complain about the process often miss out on opportunities.

My friend, it matters how you look. Look with hope. The devil wants you to whine and complain about how unfairly life has treated you. He wants you to talk about your pain and misery. Funny enough,  God isn't moved by such.

Enjoy the process. Even in prison, Joseph was still in charge. You couldn't keep him down. You didn't find him in a corner wallowing in self-pity, waiting for payback day on his brothers. He knew that wouldn't change anything.  That's one important fact complainers seem to forget, that complaining doesn't change anything. If you don't like where you are right now, then change it. If Joseph never went to jail, he would never have met the guy, who would later tell the king Joseph could interpret dreams. It was that single reference that made him prime minister over Egypt. That's why I said earlier that the process is part of the journey.

Never stay down.........even while in the process, you too can make the difference.
See you @ the top.