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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sex Determination: How To Choose The Sex Of Your Child Before They Are Born

Sex Determination: How To Choose The Sex Of Your Child Before They Are Born


If this is not in place, chances are that it might not work and it would all be left to chance. Now you too (wife) ought to know your own menstrual cycle. Without which you might not be in concomitance with your husband. (DISCLAIMER: This is not always a 100% accurate). Here it goes:
We/You have 2 main Sex Determining chromosomes: The XX which determines the female gender and the XY which determines the male gender. Scientifically and biologically, the woman carries only the single X gene/chromosome in her. But the male carries the X AND Y genes/chromosomes in him. So, the bottomline is that whatever a woman brings to life is given to her by her hubby. When there's a coming together of some hot steamy rounds of SEX, it is the husband that makes for whichever the gender is going to be - whether it would be a girl child (XX) or a boy child (XY).

Now it's been discovered that the sperm cell can survive inside the woman for as long as 48 to even 72 hrs and the dispatched ovum (egg from the woman during ovulation) only stay for 24 hrs or maximum of 36 hrs in some very few cases.

For a boy child:
Your husband has to 'meet' with you on your ovulation day, because it has been discovered that the Y

chromosome swim faster but dies quicker. So therefore, the chances of having a male child when your husband meets you on your ovulation day is really high.

For a girl child:
Your husband has to meet you for some hot steamy round of Sex Two (2) days before your ovulation day. He must not touch you till like way after your ovulation day. Well this will be for just fun anyway (that is the after ovulation hot sex). When pregnant the chances of having a female child will be high.

Leave me a feedback if you need further explanation to how it works.  It worked for my wife and I and I hope it works for your too.

So that is that! Thanks.
Johnny King