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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


By Jerome Yaovi onipede
1) You have TRUST ISSUES, you claim you have been hurt before, and so it's difficult for you trusting someone else again. Well unless you go for Counseling, just like you believe, IT WILL ALWAYS BE DIFFICULT FOR YOU TRUSTING ANYONE, and honestly, without trust a Relationship or Marriage can NEVER survive.
2) You grew up in the midst of FAMILY SECRETS, and had to tell a lot of lies to cover up perceived shame. And now you have become a Pathological Liar. Even you are amazed at how you can't say anything without telling a lie. You want to tell the Truth, but it is foreign to you. Without Truth, you can't build a lasting Relationship or Marriage. Someday, EVERY LIE you have told will come to light, and you will be found out to be a STRANGER, anyone and everyone should run away from. Why don't you seek Counseling.
3) People say you are Proud, but don't know that it's because you have a Complex. You have done a good job exhibiting a Superiority Complex to keep people from coming closer to you, because if they do, you don't believe they will truly like you as you are. Even you don't like yourself, and that attitude may be tough in a Relationship or Marriage, because it takes a person who loves and accepts himself to love and accept others. So with the help of an expert, run a Personal Check on yourself to have a very good understanding of your Personality, and how to make it work for you.
4) You are NEVER wrong. As far as you are concerned, you believe you are the Seat Of Wisdom. And so everybody knows you are ready to argue about anything and everything, because you just have to be right, while everybody else is wrong. The way you get Angry is also alarming. Haven't you noticed that people are always eager to stay away from you? Now that won't work in a Relationship or Marriage, because it's only those who prefer someone else to themselves and are ready to make the other person take the shine, that relationship and marriage works for.
5) You are Self-Serving and Selfish. You always do things for YOURSELF, and have no one else in mind. So you cheat because even though you are getting 80% of what you need from your friend, you take it for granted and go in Search of the 20% you think you are not getting, but need from someone else, and eventually lose the Diamond in your possession while going after Glitter. Marriage only looks good on those who put the other person first and into consideration, before they consider themselves.
6) There is a hole in your heart, and no matter how many people try to love you, you cannot receive love. You drink, smoke, and have sex with anything and anyone. Commitment is difficult for you. You are not even committed to yourself, not to talk of another Person. Unfortunately for you, Marriage requires TOTAL COMMITMENT or nothing else. Get Counseling, find out the root cause and deal with it.
7) You have No Relationship with God. Really? So why do you want to get married? Don't you know Marriage was instituted by God. YOU NEED A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD IF YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED AND STAY MARRIED!
But Pastor, I don't agree with you, I have some of these flaws and I am married today.
Really? Do you think having a Wedding is the same thing as Getting Married? I know you had a big wedding, but ARE YOU MARRIED?