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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Laugh, I Cry (In Memory of My Brother - Ime Udom)


(In Memory of My Brother – Ime Udom)

When things happen to one
Things that touch the deepest part of one
 One laughs

One cries

When one is struck on the inside
By saddening events on the outside
One laughs
One cries

One laughs because one sees
That God above still sees
No matter what is happening to one
One knows that God is still with one

But one cries because one is in pain
Causes of which one can’t explain
One moment one is elated
The next one needs be comforted

But God has a plan via the rain
That suddenly brings on the pain
One can’t see it
One can’t explain it
But one still believes
‘Cause somehow one knows God is in it

One can’t help but laugh
Still one can’t help but cry
‘Cause when those one loves live
And when those one loves die
One will laugh
One will cry