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Friday, April 11, 2014

Strictly Motivational: SUPREME INTELLIGENCE – GOD!

Strictly Motivational: SUPREME INTELLIGENCE – GOD!

Dr Russell V. DeLong, who earned his M.A. and Ph.D from Boston University, has properly said that indisputable scientific evidence demands Intelligence.  He shows that “chance” is an irrational explanation when he says: “All about us is an awe-inspiring, orderly, law abiding, colossal, and intricate universe.

Did it all just happen?

1.      Our sun is ninety-three (93) million miles from the earth.  If it were ten million miles farther away, we would freeze up. The sun is just the correct distance from us to make human life possible.

2.      Did it just happen that our earth in its whirling from the so-called ‘fire-mist’ hit an orbit just the right distance from the sun to make man a possibility.  Or were the earth and sun related to each other on purpose so that man could exist on this planet?

    3. Other planets are unsuitable for human life.  Mercury turns on one side to the sun, so that this side is a burning furnace and the reverse side a frozen waste.  Venus has a dense vapor for atmosphere, making life impossible. Mars has no water and the temperatures are too low for vegetation or human life.  The moon has no atmosphere and this could support no life.  A great scientist says, ‘It is now generally agreed that there has never been, and can never be, life in any form on any planet except on earth.’  Did these favorable atmospheric conditions on our planet for the production and existence of man just happen or is this an evidence of purpose?

4.      The earth has a circumference of twenty-five thousand (25,000) miles.  It rotates on its axis once in each twenty-four (24) hours, traveling at a speed of approximately one thousand miles per hour.  Because it rotates and is not stationary, like Mercury, we have day and night.  The part of the earth facing the sun has day and the rest night.  As the earth revolves, night turns to day and day to night.

5.      Suppose the earth revolved one-hundred miles per hour instead of one-thousand. Instead of taking 24 hours to make one complete revolution it would take two hundred and forty hours.  What would this mean?  Days would be ten (10) times longer so that the continued excessive heat for twelve hours would extend to one hundred and twenty hours, burning everything up and making life impossible.  Also, nights would be one hundred and twenty hours long instead of twelve, and this extended dark and cold would freeze thing up, making life impossible.  So how did it come that our earth revolves at just the right speed to make human life possible?  Did it just happen that way?

To be continued…