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Saturday, April 5, 2014

POETRY: Title - Don't With The Devil...


When you're dining with the devil,
He slaps you with a spoon
And at the same time,
He's singing a fine tune
The food he gives is sightly,
It makes your appetite burn
It's deliciously tasty,
Eat it and your stomach will churn
I tell you from experience,
So as to avert evil
No matter how hungry you are,
Don't Dine With The Devil.

When you're dancing with the devil,
He steps on your toes
And if you ask him, "Why?"
He tells you, "That's how the dance goes!"
The song to which you're dancing,
Is being sung by his bard
And if you dare say, "I'm tired,"
Guess who's kicking you hard
You're dancing barefoot,
But it's on hard gravel
Do yourself a favor,
Don't Dance With The Devil.