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Monday, April 7, 2014


My Music CD Album:

Heavenly Band is a compilation of powerful songs that will take you from jumping and dancing to on your knees in worship.  Heavenly Band will bring to new light the joy and strength of the Christian’s walk with Christ.  The "HEAVENLY BAND" is derived from the idea of tuning a radio station to an AM or FM Band Frequency! Consequently the HEAVENLY BAND is the "radio" frequency to God! That depicts us tuning our hearts to the frequency of the HEAVENLY BAND and then, get the right station to the throne room without buffering and obstructions in order to hear Him clearly.

See Artist Bio Below:
My love for music spans way back to my childhood days when I attended St. Thomas The Apostle School, in Franklin County, Columbus Ohio as a kindergarten student. I had featured in stage performances to showcase an early musical/singing talent.

I later grew up in a broken home and that episode of my life almost blurred my vision of becoming who I really wanted to be. But I became the more determined that I would make the best of what life has to offer. I gave my heart to Christ, March 5, 1989 and I have been singing ever since; small scale from church to church and from one special programs to the other.

Before my conversion to the Charismatic believer’s faith, I had loved music for as long as I can remember; both in my elementary & high school days. I loved artists like Kool and the Gang, Shalamar, The Whispers, Billy Ocean, Gap Band, Bobby Brown, New Edition, Musical Youth, Ray Parker Jr., Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Bob Marley and a great host of various musical genre and artists. Currently, I love and respect the musical genius of the great legend – STEVIE WONDER. He’s considered my current role model.
I have featured in several places to showcase the love I have for singing: Churches, Conventions, Camp meetings, concerts, weddings, parties and even self-organized programs.

In 2001/2002, I released my first CD – The God of Eden and that spread a few thousand copies around the world. Exactly 10 years after, I came out with HEAVENLY BAND.  Heavenly Band’s concept is akin to us having an AM/FM Band on our radio. If you want to receive the right station, you have to be on the right frequency, either an AM or an FM Band. I listen to a lot of 105.7FM station in Dallas, Texas and they send the signal from KRNB. Therefore, the Heavenly Band is the exclusive frequency to the Throne Room where God speaks his mind constantly and we need to know how to tune our hearts to that frequency in order to be on the right channel with Heaven.

I live in Arlington, Texas, USA and God has blessed me over the years with a beautiful family (wife – Moyosola, Kids – Eden, Jesse & Salem) and I am truly grateful.

Johnny King