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Saturday, April 26, 2014



...extracted from Victor Odiong's Library

I am sure that you've probably heard that expression a million times over. It is the ultimate expression of empathy. But then, what is your definition of "SUCK"? I have often discovered most folks’ definition of SUCK wasn't quite proper. Why do good people die and the wicked seem to live forever? Why are many good, kindhearted folks so poor that they can barely make ends meet? Why is it that the folks who need money for good never have it and those who seem to waste it have in abundance? Why? Why?? Why??? The questions never stop.

But we so often forget that life is a theater of seed and consequences. You are the consequence of the seed planted in your mother. Even, the good book declares that as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease. I have seen many kindhearted folks suffer and good men never seeming to have enough. I was almost forced to agree that life sucks, but then the bitter truth is that wealth is not necessarily the reward for kindness. Please, don't get me wrong. I am in no way undermining the virtue of having a good and kind heart. That has her rewards too. Kindness will give you goodwill towards man and God, which may or may not necessity result in wealth. I emphasize this because I have often seen many kind hearted folks do nothing but hope fortune will someday smile that way. But that day never comes. Why? Because NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. My friend, if you must remember anything from this piece, please remember this. NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. THERE MUST BE A SEED TIME AND HARVEST. Success is the result of deliberate, intentional planning, education, discipline and courage. I am not necessarily referring to the formal education you gain in college, which is good to have. I am rather referring to the education of understanding and mastering your art. It doesn't matter if you a rapper, singer, doctor, engineer sculptor, teacher, preacher or mechanic. You must have a detailed knowledge of your art and stamp your signature on it. Find out what gives you the edge over your competitors and exploit it to your advantage. NOTHING JUST HAPPENS.

You must be hungry and passionate about your dream. Your life is your art piece. Design it the way you want. You are your Michelangelo and your life is your Sistine chapel. Paint it. As an IT consultant, I am always hungry for new stuff. I refuse to remain stagnant. Be obsessed about adding value to yourself. Get on the internet, on Google, on YouTube and find out ways you can get better, rap better, sing better, talk better or preach better. Folks, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. Until you start planting seeds in this direction, your life will only be a daydream filled with wishes. Things you wished you could do but can't.

Be excited and adventurous about you. Gosh! If only you knew your potential. Your are your only limitation. Stop giving excuses. Money is not the problem. Provision always follows vision. YES, start with nothing. I will never forget the story a story a good friend of mine told me before his wedding. “I was talking to the Lord about my wedding and how much I needed money to make it happen. Then, I heard him reply. He told me money wasn't the hindering factor, that the fact that I hadn't fixed a date was the issue. I was shocked because like many folks, I believed I needed the money first before I could do anything. But God was asking me to start with nothing. I fixed a date and six months after I was married on the date I fixed. On the wedding day, we had more than enough.  It was huge a wedding and everybody had more than enough" Remember, Provision always follows vision.

Life is not fair and it never will be. But thank God seed time and harvest will never cease. I have a friend who came to America three years ago. He was unemployed and couldn't speak English. Today, he heads a research team in a multinational company in New York.

Just the other day he told me, "Victor, I refuse to blame anybody if a project fails. I take responsibility and make it work. No excuses. I make it work and I don't give up until it does" Whoa!!! No wonder in three years he has risen so fast. You can't fail with that kind of attitude. Take responsibility for your dream and make it work. MAKE IT WORK. Don't wish it was working, make it work. Don't just be kind hearted, be kind hearted with a winning attitude.

Life may suck for others....but be in charge of yours. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!