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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "HELP!.........My mother is a witch".

"HELP!...............My mother is a witch".

-----(from my cousin) Victor Odiong Lib. collection

That's the excuse I hear these days. Nobody wants to bear the responsibility for their actions. It’s seems far more convenient to blame someone else for your problems. I am still puzzled by the number of educated folks who are still gullible to this whole witch hunt. I had an uncle who was a witch hunter all through this youth. He was always in the front seat in ensuring that the village community punished anyone found to be a witch. Funny enough, when he grew old everybody claimed he was a witch. The hunter had become the hunted.

I am not saying witches do not exist. They do, but I am rather appalled by the fact that in developing countries like Nigeria, every casualty or mishap gets branded “an act of witchcraft”. If a woman can’t get a husband, someone in her family must be a witch. Really??!!….is there no possibility that her foul mouth and bossy/negative attitude could have driven away any potential suitor? And then, if she gets married and can’t have children? Well, that’s another level of witchcraft all together (and then In-Laws, pheeeew). When my cousin died of HIV/AIDS a few years ago, I was amazed that folks still attributed his death to witchcraft. HABA!!!!!!. We have come to this naive conclusion that everything in life must be spiritually initiated. There are spiritual laws and there a physical laws as well. If you walk under the rain, you will get wet. If you put your hand in fire, you will get burnt. If you have unprotected sex, you might catch a disease. PERIOD!!!!

We spend most of our prayer time binding and loosening demons, primarily out of fear. We have turned the Holy Ghost into a hired assassins (for example you hear things like, “Holy Ghost fire, fry my enemies – DIE, DIE, DIE). Here is the basic truth. If any witch or demon has the power to change your destiny, then you must be serving a far lesser god. The good book declares in psalm 23,”…he prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies’. Contrary to popular belief, God does not have to kill the witch for you to succeed. He has prepared the table of feast for you in their presence. They don't have to die. NOOOOOO!!!...God wants them to live and see you succeed. He doesn’t want you afraid of them… he wants you to shine in spite all the efforts from hell to stop you.

And about the title of this piece..... It’s just a catchy phrase to get your attention. It worked, didn't it? My mama isn’t a witch. But the truth is, even if she was (which she isn’t), it would not stop me from becoming whatever I want to be. Your destiny is in your hands. Stop blaming someone else for your shortcomings.

Folks, if only you knew the power available at your disposal, you would live everyday like a lion. Live, Roar and Conquer. Take control of your life. Go after what you want. Remember the tower of Babel? God himself was quoted saying, “…..what these people have imagined, they are well able to perform” It is the same truth today. Whatever you imagine continually, you will become eventually. It all begins and ends with you.
Enjoy your Life and PASS THIS ON (Share it).