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Friday, April 4, 2014

A Dear PJK Letter: TOPIC - Should I Tell Him?


Dear PJK
I’m in love with and about to marry an incredible guy. He is God sent, moderately established and to add, “He should be a parking ticket, ‘cos he’s got FINE written all over him.

 The issue now is, before I met him, I had dated several men and I know it’s wrong as a Christian, but I had sex with most of them, hoping that I could have keeper in one of them. But usually after the sex, to the men, there’s nothing more to give and the relationship ends. I get broken hearted always for doing those things. At one point, (well I thought I was) I was engaged to one of the men I dated, met his family and I was being referred to as their son’s wife. Of course, as usual, a lot of sex was involved and I got pregnant. So I told him and he went berserk. He told me how he was not ready for children and that how could I let that happen, I was using to pregnancy to trap him and a whole lot of stuff that I can’t get into for the sake of space and time.  But the long and short of it was that we did not work out and I had an abortion.

"I Really Want To Be Married"

Well to be honest, I’ve had 2 abortions. The first was when I was in my senior year in high school; I had a sex fling with a junior by one year and got pregnant. I knew I could not keep the baby so I had to abort it.

Anyways, here I am with Mr. Right (I believe) ‘cos he loves me like crazy and is ready to settle down. Now, he did ask me to tell him about myself and my past. I gave him sketchy information of my past adventures which he didn’t even cringe at, but told me, “hey, the past is the past.” But I have kept back the abortions from him and the fact that I was engaged to be married before.

He is such a great guy and we are indeed preparing to be married (and guess what, he’s a real Christian, this one – NO SEX till marriage – WOW, rear).  He told me that he’s had his fair share of relationship dramas too and he’s glad to be with me and really wants to marry me. Of course he did the whole “shebang”, getting down on one knee and proposing, slipping a ring on my finger. Can you guess what answer I gave him… (YOUR GUESS IS RIGHT!)

My big question now is, should I let him know the abortion stories or not?

Yours truly,
...and I said, YES...! But I got secrets.