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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Deep Things of God: TRANSITION (Pt. 1)

Transition involves a spiritual migration from where God used to be, to where God is.
  • It defines a process of how we move from one location in God to another.
  • Transition is activated when a people or an individual get a glimpse of the Finish and makes a conscientious decision to become what they behold.
  • The Finish is the fulfillment of God’s ultimate and eternal purpose for humanity
The Finish is not just an event or the conclusion of a race but a Person called Christ (IT IS FINISHED).

The Finish defines a quality of existence, a style of life. Therefore it involves a Manifestation of a Life, THE LIFE OF CHRISTOS.

The Finish is a spiritual position and a dimension in the spirit. This spiritual position can be accessed now. It is not a futuristic position.

Chew on this for now, TO BE CONTINUED...