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Monday, March 24, 2014

Expecting A Baby In Nigeria

A Dear PJK Letter:

To My Dear bloggers, I would need your contribution to this email I received from a reader of my blog.

Dear PJK, I need your advice. I just started reading your blog and I just have this knowing that you can help me.

I am an American Citizen but was brought up by my parents in Nigeria. I spent over 25 years of my life growing up in Lagos, Nigeria and now I have to deal with a lot of accentuation problems and trying to get people to understand how I speak. Anyways, when I was in Lagos, I fell in love with a beautiful lady and we were betrothed to be married and both families where aware of the relationship. Growing up in that part of the world was not too great for me, so I had to return to my country of birth and citizenship, and I promised her that I would get her over so we could be together, but time elapsed and out of sight became out of mind.

I am now married to a very beautiful White woman and we have 2 awesome daughters together. We do not have any marital issues whatsoever; until I got an email from my first love that she was visiting the States. Apparently, she was issued a visa to visit. Old feeling emerged and I met up with her when she visited the states. One thing led to another and we had several sexual encounters that brought back sweet memories. She had since returned to Lagos and I am torn again.

My wife does not know about it at all and the complication now is, she emailed me telling me she’s pregnant and wants to come over to have the baby in the United States. I guess her visa was not for too long, it had since expired and she was later refused another entry visa because she was disallowed entry to come give birth here in the States.

In one hand I am glad she was refused the visa and on another hand I am confused and don’t know what to do about the baby on the way. I have email pictures of her looking pregnant. I’m also, thinking it might not be mine. But, I did violate my marriage vows but I know for sure if I tell my wife, she will leave me, because one of the conditions of our love was that we will never cheat. This lady was my first love and we never really broke up. Time just happened to us and boom here we are.

Advise me PJK, do I tell my wife or do I just leave it as it is in Africa. I am considering relocating to another State right now and my wife does not like this city anyway. HELP!!!

African 2Face

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