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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Dear PJK Letter: A "Tired & Desperate Sarai" asks: "Can You Talk To God For Me, Please??!!

To My Dear bloggers, can we help a sister out with some godly advice?!

Dear PJK,

I have been married now for the past 10 years and we are still trusting God for children.  My husband and I have gone to several doctors/specialists to check if we have any medical concerns and the very funny thing is, neither I nor my husband has any fertility problem.  We even tried In Vitro fertilization and none of my husband’s sperm would cooperate, or maybe my eggs are the ones not cooperating with my husband’s sperms.  (Sigh) Or maybe I’m not supposed to be a Mom.

A little past gist about me: Before I got married, I was “very rough” (I’m sure you understand what I mean). Promiscuous was my middle name. I was really stupid. I had several abortions during my “very rough” adventures too.  But when I met my husband, he was one of a kind!  He loved me past my “stupidity.”  Now we are believers in Christ and I know for sure that I’m forgiven, but PJK it’s a little over 10 years now.  I do ask myself if God has really forgiven me.  My husband is very supportive, but I really want to make him a father (writing this letter in tears!)

Can you talk to God for me, please??!! Tell Him I’m really sorry for my past and that I really desire to make my loving husband a DAD.

Yours truly,
“Tired & Desperate Sarai” (Not my name – referring to the one in Genesis)